Construction Progress

Day 1

Day 1 kicked off with setting modular panels that are insulated with chopped straw for our Strawtegi CO2ttage project. We transported 10 panels from the warehouse and had them set manually on site by quitting time at 4:30! It gets cold when the sun starts to set! This is the first break we’ve had with no precipitation forecast for a 5 day period since the end of November. So far so good for dry-in by the end of the week. Hoping the weather holds. Parker Peterson and his crew, Bryson, Jesse, Isaiah, and Noah have been simply delightful to work with. I am grateful for their skill, enthusiasm, and willingness to go on this adventure with us.

Day 2

On Day 2 all first floor panels are set on the Strawtegi CO2ttage. Top plates set locking panels in place. Truth window preset in 1 panel, plus several others to visually monitor for settling of chopped straw insulation inside the panels.

The green board is Sonoclimate eco 4 wood fiberboard sheathing. It provides structural shear and adds R4 insulation both interior and exterior. It is 1.5 inches thick and made of natural wood fiber.

All set for second floor panel installation!


Day 3

Day 3 of the Strawtegi installation had a bit more excitement with the forklift & boom to set second floor panels. Stressful at first figuring out strapping, positioning of the lift, getting enough reach with site conditions, and keeping everyone safe maneuvering heavy panels overhead. Again, much appreciation to Parker Peterson and his team for figuring this part out so efficiently and managing it so well.

The first real problem on the job was having the forklift stuck in the snow and mud! After losing a good hour, it was finally pulled out by Bryson’s Tahoe! Ha!!
We ended the day with just a few more panels to set and all walls fully supported with temporary bracing.

Day 4

Final panels were set by 10am on DAY 4. Our largest crew yet, 6 people, spent the day fine tuning adjustments, locking everything in place with top caps, filling small air gaps between panels, setting the ridge beam and starting to set rafters. Water vapor wrap was also nearly completed using Mento 1000. It’s great to see this structure finally taking shape!

The Crew


Follow along as we build the Strawtegi CO2ttage! Emails are sent when we have building progress to report, industry news, events, press, and other updates.